Uploading files (Limit)

So, InfinityFree has issued a 10MB limit for uploading files, 1MB for HTML and PHP files.

I’d like to know why InfinityFree issued the limit and how can I bypass the limit without upgrading?
The reason I really made this topic was that I was running out of uploading capacity on every Cloud service for my 70MB Minecraft Server folder, but the problem is that InfinityFree limits me, though I want to upload it to my site, but I’m limited.

Sure, I get it, it’s for web hosting and not filesharing, but I really need a backup solution just in case, and I want to make a download page where stuff is downloaded from the root server, and not from, for example MediaFire.

Should I cancel my wanting or upload one by one?
  • Cancel it.
  • Upgrade.
  • One by one.
  • Still try it
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yes that’s me using a poll for the first time

You answered your own question:


Thank you but I really need the admin’s advice of what I should do

Bro you’ll get the same answer from anyone: It’s website hosting not minecraft backups.

If you want free, stick to the rules.
Else upgrade to premium hosting…


Hmm, why do you want to store backups in a website?
You can try to use s3 buckets or s3 clones for storing backups/downloads or more easily google Drive


I’m sorry, but what do you expect me to say?

You already know my answer. The file size limits are there to prevent file hosting/sharing sites. You clearly say that the only reason you want to upload larger files is for backup hosting and file distribution. And you also clearly confirm that you’re aware that these kinds of activities are not allowed.

I’m not going to help you bypass the limits to help you do something which you very well know we specifically do not want you to do.

Good call! There are plenty of Object Storage providers who can distribute your files for only a few cents per month or even have a free tier. Just create a public bucket there and you can link directly to the files without any interstitial download pages with file hosting branding.


Well for a start I recommend you to try ibm cloud. They dont require a penny for 25 gig storage/5 gig bandwidth for a storage bucket.

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Thanks, but just asking is the limit for free users only?

I’m using Scaleway for some personal stuff like backups. Bandwidth is free, storage is €0.01 per GB with the first 75 GB free.

Generally speaking, the rules are the same for free and paid hosting, but the enforcement on free hosting is much more strict. There is no file size limit on premium hosting to prevent you from using it for backup/download hosting, but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to do so.


Hmm,the bad thing is I dont have a credit card to verify… :pensive:

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