Uploading error/Glitch

Hey, I noticed that when uploading the uploader progress screen always says that it has failed with a “404” error but so far has never actually failed. I have gotten this error every time i have uploaded to I.F. and found that it happens when files are dropped onto the uploader and fials and the last few bytes.

When i started this post:

Point of Failure:

Please try uploading it using FileZilla.
See the article below.


@jedininja never share screenshots that contain a Monsta FTP URL

I edited it - but be careful in the future, because anyone can use your FTP that way.


i am usually using the employment centers computer and i can’t really download any extra software however, i wound if i can you CMD FTP or SFTP commends to log in?

i had not considered it, thanks muchly for your timely response

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Do you have a personal computer you can do this on?


I don’t know where you work or what the rules are, but generally, it is a very bad idea to work on personal project on company devices.

Use your own computer and try uploading over FTP, don’t use some hacky method on a computer that is not yours.


I believe FileZilla can also be run in a “portable” mode, where you can run the software without having to install it. It does require the computer to support running your own executables, but if that works, then you can use FileZilla without having to be able to install it.


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