Uploading and installing a bootstrap zipped file !!!

I am trying to upload a bootstrap theme file (and it works fine on another site) however My Index file and a couple of others disappear upon installation

Here is how it should look : http://bitcocrypto.x10.bz/bootstrap/#

I have just uploaded and unzipped this file again and have unzipped it to " files for your website should be uploaded here! " directory

is this right so far ?

If you check my directory you will see I have 6 subdomains and I want all 6 to have this theme

user is : fceu_17972441

Hello @bitcocrypto.

Are you sure that your uploaded theme file was not too big for server to handle? For me your theme is showing up fine, which index files exactly disapperead?

I suppose you want all your 6 subdomains to have that theme? Then you just upload the theme to your sub directory htdocs folders. Find folder on your File Manager that is http://name-of-your-subdomain.sub.com and then find children folder called htdocs and you can simply upload your theme files to the htdocs folders of each subdomain.

Is this what you are trying to do?

If i misunderstood you or you are having other kind of trouble do not be afraid to ask for help again.

Happy website developing,



thanks for your reply

the index.html README & DS store files were missing each time, however I see they are there in the general HTdocs folder

The directory “App-Plus-Onepage-HTML5-App-landing-page-Template” Directory was created when I unzipped the file, should I delete this directory ?and only have the unzipped files in htdocs dir ?

I only intend to point my bitcrypto.epizy.com to bitcocrypto.com therefore should I only extract the unzipped files to each one of my sub-domains ?

I am getting confused as where then should each individual INDEX.html file for each sub domain go ?

well I cant get the pictures to upload at all

cant think what I am doing wrong

I have deleted one of my subdomains and will restart on another one , incase I modified a file I shouldn’t have

got it working