Uploading a Self Contained html based photo album

Hi, I have used an old application (ePhotoAlbum) to develop a fairly extensive Photo Album that can be uploaded to Apache sites but as a relative website novice, I just wanted to check if I used a CMS like Wordpress on InfinityFree and created a directory within the site, could I just upload the html pages and jpeg images to it (via FTP) and then create a new web page with a link to that directory, which would allow the index.html in that directory, to work ?

Absolutely! Images and HTML files can just be served from your free hosting. You can use PHP and MySQL to generate stuff on the fly and have interactive content, but you’re free to not use these features for some or all parts of your site.


Brilliant thanks, does InfinityFree use Apache ? Is there any preference for a CMS when managing multiple file uploads ?

Yes, it is a hybrid (Apache and something else).


It’s a nginx reverse proxy with Apache, but all requests are handled by nginx for the security system before they get passed to Apache. I used (and usually still use) a similar configuration for my servers and it’s still usable.


Thanks very much for the confirmation

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Hi, I’ve created a test directory and upload a test photo album (with hust one jpeg) but while the album links work fine, the jpeg isn’t visible on the page (http://www.philipson-family.epizy.com/sections/photo-album/test/2019-08-25_09_10_255e8f23931_jpg.html)

Please upload the picture again or another one as this one seems to me to have an error

img src is here

Agreed, I’m finding that if I upload the jpeg files to the root directory (htdocs) and then move them into the appropriate folder and then upload the remainding html files, that this seems to resolve the jpeg corruption issue but that’s quite a faff - also have had to reduce the file path length to /htdocs/photo-album/test (rather than /htdocs/sections/photo-album/test)

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