Uploaded ZIP file from FileZila cannot be seen in the server

Username [epiz_32680604]
I`ve broke my site by mistake, and I try to upload a fresh version on the server, but when uploading the ZIP file with FileZila, I do not see it in the server folder.

When I try try to upload it with the build in file manager, the upload gets stuck and cannot proceed further.

Would you help me please with this issue, because uploading unziped files takes forever…

Thank you!

Max file size is 10mb. Any file greater than 10mb will be deleted automatically.
Unzip the file locally then upload it via ftp

Please use filezilla


thank you!

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Hi again,

I uploaded the files unzip, but most of them get erased at he same moment they are uploaded on server. Why is that so?

Likely this


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