Uploaded my website template but my site is still offline?

I uploaded my website template files via Filezilla and my site is still:

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Please help also I’m a beginner with all of this!
I remember doing same but on other hosting website and works perfectly fine but here when I upload files nothing happened!

Clearing your cache is the first thing you should try when something looks wrong or is not working correctly.


Its working right now i don’t know what cause this problem but I delete all files and upload again and wait for 10 or more minutes so its good now

Bom dia, fiz um saite nesse link https://b24-o34bo2.bitrix24.com.br/sites/site/4/view/8/ e quero transferi para cá mas, quando clico só vou para aquela página que mostra que tem que fazer o saite. O que devo fazer?

You need to clear your cache. Also, as this is an English forum, please type in English.

Desculpa, não sei Inglês e nem como criar um forum aqui. Eu já limpei com aquela caixinha preta mais nao da nada, o saite está quase pronto na Bitrix24 e quando clico para visualizar, joga para cá mas, o saite não vem

  1. Then use Google Translate or a different translator program
  2. You can create a topic using the “Create Topic” button the top right of the screen
  3. What is the “little black box”?
  4. To transfer your site to Infinity, you need to follow the steps below.
  • Download a copy of your files and database (If applicable) from your old host
  • Upload your files to InfinityFree via FTP
  • Upload your database to InfinityFree via PHPMyAdmin

A caixa preta é o prompt de comando.

I’ll have to leave the site la Bitrix24 nesno. I don’t know how to do that.
Thank you anyway.

You will have to ask Bitrix24 nesno about how to get your files. Some website builders do not allow it, as they would rather you pay them than leave.

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