Uploaded my site but it still displays default page


I’ve tried a few time to upload my site content. The ftp upload was successful and I see the files/folders. But when I view it in the browser(s) it only displays the devault InfinityFree landing page.

Any assistance would be appreciated:)



Provide a link to your website and I’ll try help you.

Please make sure that:

  • You uploaded your website files directly to the htdocs directory of your account. If it’s in another directory, or in a subdirectory of htdocs, then the server doesn’t know to load the files for your website.
  • Your website’s home page has the file name index.php or index.html. The name should be exactly like that, all lowercase. If the files have a different name like home.php or Index.HTML, then the server will not load them as the home page.


Thank you for responding so quickly. Yes all that you have suggested is the current condition.

The screenshot you posted looks OK. Like @Kamdroid already asked, can you please share the URL of your website so we can check it?


Sorry I missed the earlier request.


Best regards,


when you added the domain to the system
folder with name of your domain is created and htdocs in it
there you need to upload your files paulheintz2.com/htdocs/

I would agree except for the fact that I never had to do that with the other domains I host via Infinity:)

It looks like my domain reference is missing from addon domains. I tried to add it but get the following error:

paulheintz2.com is already assigned and in use.2

Please advise.



The domain paulheintz2.com is currently assigned to another hosting account on another email address. Please login to the other account and delete the domain from there before you can add it again.

It sounds like the reason you were unable to upload files to your website is because the domain name was not actually assigned to the account you were uploading the files to.

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