Uploaded my new website

FTP account is connected to the hosting acc
and due to the fact that you can have several websites (domains) in one account, it does not take you directly to where you want because it does not know which website you currently want to update (upload).

You can compare it as your home address
and inside the house you have many rooms (websites)

When the delivery man delivers to you, he delivers to your door
because he has no idea (nor is he interested) in which room you will put what is in the package.

when you have more domains, then the folders also have the domain name
for easier identification, and inside each named folder there are htdocs to which you upload
like myDomain/htdocs (here you upload files)

only the first domain (on which account it was created) has no name, but you see it as htdocs but at the root of your FTP space

In the client area you can click here and it should take you to the appropriate upload area


directory (useful to know where you need to go when using FileZilla)
File manager button opens the location (monstaFTP)

your screenshot

I suggest you use Filezilla because monstaFTP has problems when uploading multiple files

it is not enough to put all the files in the htdocs folder
but you have to keep the file structure as it is on your local PC

e.g. FileZilla
that’s why it’s easiest to select all files and folders (what’s in the left window - local)
and drag and drop into the right window (server)
and thus the file structure is retained

My example