Uploaded my new website

I uploaded my website and it appears all the files are on infinity now. I know the message said it can take up to 72 hours to see your website.

I read up on content here about changing directory names etc but dont want to mess with the files because they appear to be here.

I just want to make sure theres nothing more on my end that I need to complete before the website is live. When I still visit my website it still has the ready to build website page up.

Thanks for any recommendations!

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What is the website?


Thanks for the reply!
Its chadcardin.rf.gd

You said you uploaded your files, correct? I see this:

Can you screenshot your htdocs folder and upload the image here?


Ok it looks like it got loaded onto the main file but not the htdocs. So do I drag and drop them into this file? Here are the screen captures.

Im not sure why they didnt go into the right file. I filled in the password and file but not sure what I was suppose to put in when I clicked upload.

index file !

and upload files in htdocs folder (this is root for your domain)


Thank you. Ill see if I can move them to the other folder.

When sending our website to upload what should be the proper address to send it to? I followed my info on the folder access like the address and password but clearly it didnt go to the correct folder.

When I update my website next what do I need to include when I hit upload to ensure it goes to the right location? Would I just need to add/htdocs to the end to get it there?

Thanks for the reply!

FTP account is connected to the hosting acc
and due to the fact that you can have several websites (domains) in one account, it does not take you directly to where you want because it does not know which website you currently want to update (upload).

You can compare it as your home address
and inside the house you have many rooms (websites)

When the delivery man delivers to you, he delivers to your door
because he has no idea (nor is he interested) in which room you will put what is in the package.

when you have more domains, then the folders also have the domain name
for easier identification, and inside each named folder there are htdocs to which you upload
like myDomain/htdocs (here you upload files)

only the first domain (on which account it was created) has no name, but you see it as htdocs but at the root of your FTP space

In the client area you can click here and it should take you to the appropriate upload area


directory (useful to know where you need to go when using FileZilla)
File manager button opens the location (monstaFTP)

your screenshot

I suggest you use Filezilla because monstaFTP has problems when uploading multiple files

it is not enough to put all the files in the htdocs folder
but you have to keep the file structure as it is on your local PC

e.g. FileZilla
that’s why it’s easiest to select all files and folders (what’s in the left window - local)
and drag and drop into the right window (server)
and thus the file structure is retained

My example


Wow that house example was the best and now I know what your talking about. My webdesign software just has a button that says upload to the internet. From there I put in the ftp password, username and ftp hostname and it landed in the file where its at now.

So I dont use the filezilla because its a one click upload but I can change the end of the host name address and add /htdocs and maybe that will get it there. Im not using wordpress or any of the other infinity programs to design the website its just a software program on my computer thats why I think things are looking a bit different.

It did take a long time for it to upload everything to monsta though but not sure if thats expected or not. Maybe I will try one file with the added /htdocs on it and see if it gets to the folder ok.

I appreciate all your time and detailed notes you took for the reply! :smiling_face:


Does your program have an option to export locally?
then it would be much easier for you to follow my examples

What is the name of that program?
You can read the help or give us the name and we’ll see if it has the option to export files locally (for uploading via a “real” FTP client).

But you can always try uploading through your program
and compare whether it went to the right address

if the files are not in htdocs (especially the index file)
you should add /htdocs to the address
or /htdocs/ (sometimes even that last slash is important…it depends).


the program is called RocketCake. It gives you two options publish to disk or publish to the internet.

I think tomorrow when I have more time Ill add the htdocs to the address and then see where it puts the files.

For this, choose the menu command ‘Publish → Publish to local disk’. A dialog will appear to select a target directory. When you press OK, all HTML and image files will be generated on your disk, in the directory you selected.

You now only need to upload these to your web server or FTP server. For this you can use any FTP program.

And then you enter that folder (the name of the folder you chose to export to the local disk)

And you upload everything you see in it (look at my picture of FileZilla)
in the corresponding htdocs folder (on the server)


Ok, I will give that a try. Thanks for all your help! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much for the help, it worked! The only thing I needed to add was the /htdocs and all the files went through.

I appreciate everyones input and help so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:


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