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My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
I have successfully uploaded all html/css and image files in to the htdocs file using file manager but after 2 days my website is not displaying on the subdomain i chose. The webpage only displays the ‘infinity free-lets make something awesome’ temporary page. I tried deleting the ‘index2’ file that was already in the folder prior to my uploads and renamed my ‘home page’ ‘index.html’ but still nothing is displaying at all. If i click on ‘edit’ for any of my uploaded html pages none of the css styling works and neither do any of the relative links? I am new to this and have not started a website before so i am clueless. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

UPDATE: the website www.birdid.epizy.com is now showing a page titled: ‘web directory’ and lists all my files as they appear in the file manager?

For me it shows a Directory Listing. Upload your index file or rename the Bird 16 index file to index.html and clear cookies and cache or configure on your device.

I renamed my home page html file ‘index2’ but the directory listing is still showing up. Not sure what you mean about configuring on device?

You renamed it as “Index2.html”. Rename it as “index.html”.
You can configure CloudFlare DNS with the instructions here:

Thanks, ive relabelled my homepage ‘index.html’ as suggested. Tried to refresh the page but same prob. Not sure what im doing wrong.

Use this code on the .htaccess that you need to create:
DirectoryIndex Index.html
On Windows you can create .htaccess files by adding a dot after that (example: .htaccess.). This should bypass Windows’ restrictions to create files, and creates a .htaccess that you can edit with Notepad and upload using a FTP client on the htdocs.

Am i creating a directory folder called htaccess within my htdocs folder? What should this .htaccess file contain? Just my homepage?

No directories named .htaccess! A file named .htaccess with DirectoryIndex Index.html as the content on the htdocs folder.

Do you mean the .htaccess file i create on notepad should say ‘directory index index.html’? Then upload to htdocs folder?

The .htaccess you create using Windows’ bypass extension method creating a text document, .htaccess. (show the extensions by searching “Folder Options” and toggling “Hide the extension for the most known file types”), will have the contents DirectoryIndex Index.html (DirectoryIndex will be all attached) edited via the Notepad, that you can then upload on the htdocs via a FTP client.

Have done as you say. Made notepad with directoryindex index.html written in it. Then uploaded to htdocs. It said it worked and transferred it to the FTP server using FTP mode FTP_ASCII

Yes! It works! This topic may now be closed.

Webpage still showing the wrong thing tho?
Not my webpage?

Caching issues; try removing cache and cookies or use

Oh i got it! Thank you so much!

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