Uploaded HTML file would not show a specifc image


Im using Mobirise for the site building, after uploading it through filezilla or the on-site file manager, the image would not show in anyway, i did not modify the content of the index file

what is on my website

what is when i open the HTML file

HTML File size?


When i open the html file normally the image would show

Have you tried Visual Studio Code?

nope, im pretty much a newbie doing those coding

do i put the html codes and publish it throught VS code?

i guess yes try it

honestly i have no idea how to do it

added pictures for more clear explanation

@BuckyTM can you reupload the assets folder?
seems like some of the files are missing.

And @WebyDev using VSC will not help here.
Just asking, how the heck will using VSC solve his problem?

I tried getting a new assets files from Mobirise and uploaded it to site already, doesn’t seems to work

Ah @BuckyTM clear browser cache, it works after clearing cache.


oh yep cool, thanks bud


Can you mark my reply as solution? and glad that you got the problem solved :smiley:

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Think it falls under advertising… so there you go.


what do u want

Answer to your query: I don’t ask anything out of you, nor do I want or demand anything of you. All I did was inform you as to a very much possible reason for the flag.

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