Uploaded file isn't there

I’m trying to transfer my website from my old web host to InfinityFree. I compressed the root directory (of the site) into a .zip file, then uploaded it using File Manager in cpanel. The progress bar goes all the way to the end, then it says something about “Transferring to the server” But even though I’ve given it plenty of time, the file just doesn’t show up in my htdocs.

Just to double check, you are uploading the files in-zipped right?

Yep, this happens, a lot. The best alternative is to use a FTP client like FileZilla. Give it a try.



I’m running Linux, so I’ve got ftp covered. Thanks!

Make sure zip file is 10mb max. Else it will be better for you to extract the zip file manually on your pc/laptop before uploading via ftp


Thank you KangJL! That was it. The file was 10.8 MB. I split out the img directory into its own zip file and then both were well under 10 MB. And both uploaded just fine using File Manager.

Unfortunately, now that I have them uploaded, they won’t extract! I click “Extract” and I get a brief progress spinner and then - nothing.

Are you using an online file manager? (Like monsta) If you are, that could be the issue. Try using a FTP program like FileZilla.
Hope this is helpful

Like I said…


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