Upload video file to file manager

Username is: epiz_31687673

Saying “Error, file si too large”

I try to upload my 400mb video to file manager, but it saying file is too large, and i am cut video to make 48mb video and try to upload this but saying file is too large. I see i can upload files up to 1gb. I dont know what can i do.

10mb is the file size limit.

InfinityFree is not a video storage provider, please upload your video to YouTube and embed it here.



I try make big banner, how i can do that?

Im not sure what you mean by that. Like a banner image for your website? Just create an image using software like illustrator or Canva, then export it and add it to your site.


Video banner, The first to be seen on the website, not as a picture but as a video, if I use youtube embed, you’ll see player controls and it won’t look pretty nice.

A 10 second Google search tells me it should be possible to embed a YouTube video without the video controls, like this post says:

The key point is to add some parameters to the embed URL, like https://youtube.com/embed/ID?autoplay=1&controls=0&showinfo=0&autohide=1

Other articles say that you an even have YouTube generate this URL for you using checkboxes on the embed screen.

I strongly recommend using YouTube for this. Not just because our hosting doesn’t support these large files, but also because YouTube’s player can stream media really efficiently, so your visitor’s don’t need to download a full 400 MB video file just to display the page.


Thank you, i will try.


Use a video hosting service.

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