Upload larger files

Hi everyone! I’m in trouble with upload to infinityfree ftp… i’m trying to upload a site but sometimes i receive the message: The file is too big, 10 mb are supported, ok i understand, but i have zipped and cut in various files every one with 10 mb so the zipper from ftp cant unzip them because one depend of other like file.zip.001 / file.zip.002.

I dont know what to do, if have any idea please tell me.

The best way to upload large zip files to the FTP server is by not uploading large zip files. It’s far more reliable to extract the zip file on your own computer and then upload the extracted files with a desktop FTP clients. Uploading many files can take a while, but with some patience you can upload tens of thousands of files many GB in size without any problems.

Most file managers choke on larger zip files as well and I’m not sure any of the file managers we offer can support fragmented FTP files.

Understood you are right! Last night i was testing with filezilla and worked well! Thanks in advance!