Upload is successful but file doesn't change in filezilla

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Dear, Infinity Free Staff,
I ask you something about FTP Filezilla. Yesterday, I upload the same file to the FTP. And it get notice (file already exist) and i click to overwrite then upload is succesful. But, after i look this file in this FTP. it does’nt change anymore although the file is different size. But still does’nt change. Could you help this error?

Thank you.

sorry I didnt read your post correctly before I replied

after uploading the file and seeing that the size has changed can you download the file and verify its contents have / have’nt changed

Yeah, I can download the file in the FTP. But, when I upload the same file with different size, it can be successful but the file size doesn’t change. Anyway, I often clear cache in my browser…

have a solution?

Seems to be a case of file sharing.
Take note file sharing is not allowed.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand the issue exactly. So you’re uploading a certain file to your account with FileZilla, you check it, you update the file through FileZilla, and then the file size is incorrect?

Where and how are you checking the file size? Are you checking it through your web browser, the FileZilla directory listing, or somewhere else?

Also, what kind of file are you uploading? What file type/extension does it have and what’s the approximate size in the first and second attempt?

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