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Username: epiz_31705444
Website: https://pokemon-empire-pbs.infinityfreeapp.com

I’m getting an upload file failure when trying to upload a zip file to the server via file manager. The error message doesn’t say much in terms of why it failed. I assume it’s the file size see attached:

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 00.31.45

Any help would be appreciated


There is a file size limit of 10MiB, so of course you can’t upload an 840MiB file.


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Please unzip the file on your local computer, then upload it. For that many files, I recommend you use a desktop FTP client like FileZilla.


Ah ok, wasn’t completely sure on the file size limit for an individual file



Hi Greenreader,

Thanks for your response! Ideally my intention is to create a download link, whereby I would upload the latest zip file and have users navigate to a page within the domain to download it.

I realise that online tools such as Mega and G-Drive exist however, I wanted the download link to remain the same. So for example it would look like:

If there is a file size limit then it looks like this approach isn’t possible. But thanks for the heads regarding filezila when uploading multiple files at once


If I understood correctly, you want to store that file on an external server,
but you don’t want users to see that URL
but that everything looks like it’s on your website?

There are probably better or more modern solutions…
I haven’t tried any of these but here are some results which you can use as a starting point.
Note - this is just an example for your online search

If you do something without understanding what the code does, you could be suspended or at least experience that the script will be killed by the server because it exceeds the allowed PHP execution time.

Although I see nothing wrong with the fact that the user knows and see that the file is on an external server and download it from there, especially since many such file services do additional checks or ask for a captcha and then you have a problem again.


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