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I’m moving from another free hosting and trying to upload my wordpress duplicator backup and can’t, please help guys…

If the filesize is greater than 10 MB, sorry you can’t upload it here. We respect the rules here.



Please follow this guide to move your website to InfinityFree.


Thank you. I do not have ‘normal’ wordpress files, though. I only have Duplicator backup. It’s a plugin that unpacks zipped site contents and overwrites database by itself, all in one go. Pretty nifty, but I seem to have problem with it here :frowning: . I did manage to unpack the archive on my computer and upload unpacked files. Then I choose to override unpacking in duplicator installer and it seemed to work… But now I have this on my wordpress site:

There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

Ehhhh. There must be a way to migrate it somehow. I can’t start a whole website from scratch, lol.

Most likely caused by this

This could give you some idea.

You just need to import the critical database tables manually


Backup and migration plugins are great if they work, but they tend to be quite unreliable due to upload limits, time limits, memory limits and other limits of PHP.

If you still have the original site, the best way to migrate it is to just ignore all the magic migration plugins and just move the files and the database the old fashioned way.

If you don’t have the old site, and only have the Duplicator plugin, then you may be able to work around it.

To do so, you’ll need a local PHP web server. A package like XAMPP works fine for this. On your local system, you can then install WordPress and use the Duplicator plugin to import the content.

After you’ve restored the site locally, you can move the files and the database from your own computer to your hosting account with us.


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