Upgrading my website (also tranferring)

I bought a domain at Hostinger. Right now my website got suspended again for the third time. How can I transfer my website into my new domain?

My website is dougistechsavvy.infinityfreeapp.com/ and I would like to move it to my new website.

You cannot add domains to an account while it is suspened. After the suspension ends, you can add it to the “Addon” or “Parked” domains section, depending on what you want to use it for.


Long story short, I just want a friggin working website. :sob: Stop getting my website suspended!

Are you still getting suspended for the SQL limit? Once your website comes back, delete the files from your site, so you will have a chance to work without getting suspended.

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Could you kindly explain to me what particular files I should delete without causing my website to break?

I can’t tell you something I don’t have the anwser to, unfortunately.

Can you tell me the software you are using (WordPress, etc)


I am using WordPress. Also, I am using WordPress on my new website. Any tips on how to migrate would be greatly appreciated!

What plugins and themes are you using? Badly coded themes and plugins that use unnecessary connections could be the problem.


BlogSite by WPEnjoy. BlogSite Pro WordPress Theme - WPEnjoy

Ahh, I’ve had experiences with this theme on free hosting! Also, if you can afford a $49 theme, why not a $5 premium hosting package?


I bought myself the full premium package over at hostinger.com and I was wondering if the theme or any plugins won’t affect MySQL usage limit. Since I am technically paying for faster speed, more storage, will this not affect my free infinityfree.net website after migrating?

I have a similar question that I posted on reddit Reddit - Dive into anything with more information in case you want to follow me there.

I am trying to migrate my WordPress from dougistechsavvy.infinityfreeapp.com to dougistechsavvy.com which is the domain I bought at hostinger.com. I do not have a lot of pages or “databases” to migrate. Nothing big unlike a business website or anything like that. I just have a few pages, such as “about me” sections and such along with a working contact form and a few accounts I logged into for testing purposes.

I am sure I might have to create a new “site key” and “secret key” to get contact forms and my recaptcha thing to work again.

Why not ask hostinger to transfer? Btw, it’s free


I’ve watched a few youtube tutorials involving around migrating from an old hosting site to new hosting site. I think I will just use the plugin way of migrating over the manual way. Just because I do not have a big webpage and databases.

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