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epiz_27316336 (Website for nelilalovic.rf.gd)

FOR ACCOUNT # epiz_27316336 (Website for nelilalovic.rf.gd)

So my account was recently suspended again. For to much CPU usage. I can’t even edit a page without getting suspended. Its for school.

I have a due date in 2 hours. I purchased the Premium, as this seems to be the only solution. It still says my account is suspended for 23hours. Will the restriction be removed any faster or was the purchase I just made pointless?

  • Nelz

I believe your site is suspended either way :frowning: The upgrade should prevent this from happening again though, but I don’t believe that it will remove the suspension.

It should upgrade, but the suspension I believe will persist until it expires.

Thank you for purchasing a premium account. Please see this article for some important information about what happens next:


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