Upgrade Infinity server or use CDN?

I have seen that there are several hosting plans, one in the epizy cpanel and another in ifastnet and the other in Infinityfree. Which of all do I have to choose if I wanted to improve my conditions for a better server?
And I also want to know what is the most recommended? update my server or use a cdn?

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Those plans are all the same, ultimately they are all premium plans from iFastNet. They are just presented in different locations and sometimes in slightly different ways.

Depends on your website and what you want. For the best performance, you want everything: faster hosting, a good CDN, and don’t forget optimization.

If you just want more performance, I’d say getting premium hosting is the best option because it will give performance improvements across the board, not just with serving static files.


Thank you!!! :pray:t2:

Hello again, how do I connect my InfinityFree account with IFastNet? I just created an IFastNet account and I don’t see my website there? . What I want to do is update my web server https://rottencommunity.epizy.com. In case I have to acquire a new domain, how can I transfer my website to the new domain?

Getting started with your premium hosting account
If you had purchased the ifastnet premium hosting,your account isn’t migrated automatically.You’ll have to either migrated the site yourself or ask ifastnet to do it.


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