Soo…many questions:

How do I change the max_execution_time and memory limit? Or can I not? And two, could you please update some of the Softaculous apps? FileRun is outdated by a year.

You can’t change the max_execution_time and memory_limit settings on free hosting. Those are set up with the right limits to prevent users from abusing this service. You can’t update FileRun, especially when the hosting is only a website hosting, not a file sharing one. But WordPress and other apps that are present in Softaculous can be updated.

The version of FileRun in our Softaculous installation is 2018.11.11 which, like the date suggests, is half a year old. This is the latest version available from Softaculous. There is a new version of the software available on the official website which was released two and a half weeks ago, but Softaculous has not updated their sources yet.

So can you please elaborate which software is “outdated by a year” and can/should be updated?

That said, FileRun should be removed from our Softaculous, because file sharing sites are not allowed here.

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