Update on outage

Are there any new updates on the outages . Last update was

16:15 UTC: It looks the FTP server has come back up for now. I don’t see any progress in websites.

I need access to my website’s asap. As i use them for hobby and educational use

Thank you

as far as I know 90% is complete (only a few more hours to go)

P.S. I hope this is true

What is your source of this info, or are you just making it up?

Admin should be more responsible here and post running update every 3 or 4 hours. That’s not an unreasonable thing to ask and demonstrates good customer service.

I believe that Admin is working on important jobs as every productive person does.

When he will have the time and information he will answer as needed.

Overall the downtimes happen less often and the temporarily cost of any growing service is maintenance works to create better things for the world to use.

Getting this resolved for his customers should literally be the most important thing on his plate right now. How can you argue otherwise??

Indeed InfinityFree is a project of his.

Knowing the fact that the situation is caused by an another party, he would likely tell that it will take slightly more time untill InfinityFree bounces back into full operation after the core problem has been solved, therefore it would be in his powers only to inform you on the situation and if all websites are not fully available at the given moment, then you can figure out that the network is still regrowing.

admin Mike from ifastnet said that in support forum

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damn bro what does he taste like??

And if you think this is a free service your crazy. They get something as a result of hosting our sites… You can count on that.

how do you know that? If true then why admin mike told you not to us?

admin mike has nothing to do with this forum and infinityfree
our admin probably did not do it
because if you look at the blue box above
it writes 6-12h
what is actually true… although we know it was published yesterday but there is no need for update…
besides it is unfortunate to declare any estimated time
because you will be lynched by people unless this is true :smile:
(but you just shared a statement from someone else)

Then why are you telling this to us here if admin mike has nothing to do here? Already spent above 24hrs. getting frustrated.

Yeah im over it… Im moving as soon as i can download my site.

I just signed up this week and was going to test the free service out with one of my lesser sites. Then consider upgrading to a paid option. It’s been down almost the entire time while tech support keeps saying ‘hours’, I’m waiting days.

I’m really starting to think switching to infinityfree is a bad idea for the rest of my sites.

I’ll check back here again tomorrew morning in my time zone

And it is the most important thing on my plate! But the truth is, there is not much I can do here. Yes, a more active presence on here will give the impression that I’m on top of this issue, but that’s literally the only benefit. I’d be happy to communicate every few hours, but I don’t have new information regularly I can share.

I have been keeping an eye on our system checkers to see if there were any improvement. For most of the day, there were no notable changes.

But reading the same “fix my website immediately, this is a scam, why are you doing this to us!” over and over again all day long isn’t exactly beneficial to my sanity and, by extension, my ability to communicate professionally (i.e. the thick skin you referred to in another topic).

Then who can do? You are the admin here, noone is here to fight with you and. what makes you think that we are scammer, just because you did not informed us before, just because we are looking for true answer? Just need our website back online. just tell us when will it be fixed?

LOL Admin

This is a FREE service goofball. Grow up and give them a break, or PAY for a site.

Its a free service that he’s trying to make some coin from and get his attach rate to go up, it’s not just a hobby for him. So all who signed up for the service expect good customer service and professional, timely responses. It’s really not too much to ask. If you have been paying attention a few days back when things started going south the admin just denied that anything was wrong and trjed to blame things on user error instead of looking at monitoring systems or getting ifastnet on the horn to find out whats going on. Just discussing ways to make this less painful for users AND the admin in the event this happens again.