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My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
Hello to the community i am a beginner of 55 years
i have create a version 1 of my site 15days ago who working well & yesterday i have uploaded version 2 via the control panel & but 24h after i can’t see the change of version 2
maybe i miss or do something wrong
i’ve clean the cache & cookies of my browser & still the same

is there a way to have version 1 & version 2 on server & choose what is in front
thank’s for your help
Sorry for my bad Enghish

I’m using this software:
blocs 3

Additional information:


You mean you made 2 domains?
Or made 2 indexes or 2 folders for the website?

Hello Fury
what i did i ve uploded V2 on the same folder so normaly the V2 will be replace the V1

but i still view V1 …

how many time it take to see the change ? i don’t understand

As soon as you upload the new version of your files, the hosting server will start to serve the new files almost immediately. However, due to cache in your browser or from caching services (e.g. Cloudflare), it can take a bit longer for changes to be visible.

We can check if we can see the new version or see the old version too, which might help figure out what’s causing the issue. However, I don’t know how I can tell which version I’m looking at. Can you please describe some of the differences between V1 and V2 so we know what to look for?


hello thank’s for your reply
the differences : the v1 have header menu with draw background
the v2 have black background & différent pictures

beginner’s question
i there a way to have a folder where i put different version & select the one to put in ht folder
or if i want to see different version i have to create subdomain 1 with v1 , subdomain 2 with v2
thank’s for teach me that :slight_smile:

So this page is version 2 then? It has a black background.


thank’s for your help
it work’s now

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