Update from ifastnet support

Hey, thought i would let you know a bit of an update from the ifastnet team who hosts infinityfree

:clap::clap::clap: :+1:

it has been almost 15 hours?

already spent 24 hrs. but still do not know when??


Yes, really :slight_smile: we would come back! We should have hopes…!

I am quiet now :grin:

My system was back on again at 22h00 South African time last night (that is around 16h00 US East Coast time). And it seems to be faster than before, on Infinity as well as Byet.host.

Thanks for all the support.

LOL, we are still having the problem.

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iC_TIGER, sorry for that. Here in SA we are normally the last to have our systems restored. Perhaps 2019 will be a good year for us. :relieved::relieved:

Thank you for the update

MY PROJECT WEBSITE IS DUE??? Please hurry up!

is there any way I can find the pages I wrote on my website on my online file manager? I found my images, but could not find the written content.

The written content is exactly where you uploaded them. I don’t know where to find it either, because I don’t know how you structured the content of your website.

Dude I do not live in future so cut the bullshit. I just want my website to be online. Facing problem from couple of day ago.

hmmm…all my websites are working except aboutdeloitte.ga. Perhaps, there is another problem with this website?

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