Update failed

**My website URL is:**www.paphoscyprus.org.uk

**What I’m seeing is:**No update to website

I cannot update my website. I fill in every box except Destination folder. I then have

Do not upload files here

I have clicked on htdocs to show more files. I click upload file to server.
The next page says: The destination folder is not the same as the folder indicated in the export parameters. Do you want to change the pathname.
If I press yes or no it exports but loading shows % 0 byte for every folder. Viewing my website nothing has changed. Sometimes it says: The specified folder already contains some files that may be overwritten. Do you want to continue. If I press yes the same thing happens.

**I’m using this software:**Website X5 Free

**Additional information:**This is my first attempt at a website and I’ve spent days trying to update. l need help please


there may be an answer in these links


instead of public_html use htdocs WebSite X5 Help Center  - Site is uploaded to host but it does not function


or export the project to disk and use another FTP client

P.S. https://quickfics.facultyinnovate.utexas.edu/capture-screenshots-on-a-pc/


your site was last updated on this date

now I wonder what you see when you visit your website ?

I ask this for the reason that it is possible that your browser simply holds the old version of the webpage in the cache, so you need to delete the cache with CTRL + F5
or visit your site in private/incognito mode.


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