Unzip File Programmatically on Server

Anyone know how to unzip a file in a folder programmatically? I’m using VBA to upload the files, but I would prefer to upload a ZIP file to a folder, unzip it, and then delete it. Would be quicker than uploading each file individually.

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When you unzip (decompress) on the server, it consumes the server CPU and RAM
and then often as soon as it exceeds a certain amount of resources allocated to you, the process is killed, so you get a partially unpacked incomplete files.

Also uploading archives is prohibited,
in addition, there is a file size limit of 10MB per file, so forget all that,
and simply upload file by file using an FTP client like filezilla (select the desired folders/files and drag and drop them to the hosting space).


Thanks for the response - will do things “slow and steady.”

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To be honest, it’s likely faster by unzipping it on your computer as it will probably be faster than the servers (or at least, provides more computing power), and not mention more likely to work.


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