Unwanted redirection on 404 error

When I enter URL address of non-existing folder or file on my site I get the 404 page, but when I enter https://bulgariadb.ml/errors/ I get redirected to http://www.freeresultsguide.com but when I enter the same URL without the last dash I get my 404 page. I have no clue what is wrong. Can someone help me?

Did you upload the error page like /errors.html or like /errors/index.html?

I would recommend uploading as /errors/index.html, then the last dash doesn’t matter (the browser will automatically change /errors to /errors/)

For example, go to kamildev.net/discord, you’ll see it automatically changes to kamildev.net/discord/ because the file is located at /discord/index.html

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The Apache webserver does something very weird with the /errors/ folder, we’re still trying to figure out exactly what’s causing it and what we can do to fix it. But nobody here is well versed in the source code of that server, so it’s quite hard to do.

In the meantime, you should just rename the errors folder to anything else and you won’t get this error anymore.

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Things similar to files named con and prn. These are System only names. It looks if someone creates files named these. System will crash, So it tries to ban files like this to stay fine,

Same with Apache and /errors/ folder. It looks that points to fatal issues that can crash Apache if we can run /errors/ folder,

I think it is know as a System folder


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