Unused Subdomain? (rocketgames.rf.gd)


I would like to use the subdomain rocketgames.rf.gd but it’s in use. However, when I visit the site, it takes me to a Directory Listing but it has nothing on it. Would I be allowed to use this subdomain? @Admin

You dont have uploaded anything to website

It’s being used by another person, you cannot use it until they take it down.

You can also check in file manager, if you see a rocketgames.rf.gd folder then you’ve owned it! upload files into rocketgames.rf.gd/htdocs



Unfortunately NO
such hosting behavior would be unacceptable in terms of user rights.

you have a few options left:

  1. wait for that account to close for inactivity (but you should not check/visit that subdomain
    because that act prolongs it life)

  2. or create quickly domain on Freenom with the name you want and point it here



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