Unsynchronized files

I have re-uploaded a .css file and the site is not updated, I have already deleted the folder, I have re-upgraded all files, I have deleted the cache in the browser, I changed the browser and the problem persists, I tried to use Filezilla, including, I deleted the style.css file and when accessing the URL it still exists:


you have 301 redirection from deiwd.ga to .deiwd.ga
that DOT is not normal
check the .htaccess file if you have one or the Cloudflare settings

Besides purge all cache on cloudflare so it does not serve files that do not exist like that css


I was testing some settings in .htaccess but already fixed the problem

About clearing the Cloudfare cache, how do I do this?

Login to your Cloudflare dashboard, select your domain, then go on ‚ÄúCaching‚ÄĚ and here you can see two buttons on the ‚ÄúPurge Cache‚ÄĚ option. ‚ÄúCustom Purge‚ÄĚ can purge individual files by URL, Hostname or Tag (the last two options require an Enterprise plan). If you want to purge a single file, please put the complete absolute URL of the files you want to purge after clicking on ‚ÄúCustom Purge‚ÄĚ. ‚ÄúPurge Everything‚ÄĚ purges all the files on the server at once and is sometimes not recommended as it may cause too much load on the server.

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I accessed Cloudflare from Control Panel, but there was only option to disable

The Cloudflare dashboard is NOT on your Control Panel! It can be accessed here with the email you used to sign up on our service and the password you set up with the reset link / the FTP password!


Thanks =)
I managed to clear the cache and it is working normally

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