Unsolicited swarm of emails from Byethost

I have a profile with no accounts since I deleted all of the ones I had

Other Information

I keep receiving these emails from [email protected] which are all copies of each other and they always come in pairs

Server upgrades and PHP 8

Dear Valued Client, Hello from Byethost.com and iFastNet providers of the servers and hosting infrastructure to Byethost.com ! This summer the iFastNet team […]

I’ve been getting them daily since the 6th of August, what do I have to do to stop them?
There was a link at the bottom to unsubscribe, but even if it said the operation was successful I still get them, I tried opening the link again and it says my email doesn’t exist in their list anymore, which simply can’t be true

That email was sent to every iFastNet customer (on free hosting at least). You should have only got two, if you have only one registered email with iFastNet. I got about 8-10 because I have a few different emails on different services.


That’s strange, I received 4 pairs up to now, but I only have one email registered, in fact all the unsubscribe links point to that same email

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