Unreliable websites on IP address

For the last few days, websites on the IP address have been unreachable intermittently.

How do I if this issue affects me?

You can find your IP address like this: https://infinityfree.net/support/find-your-ip/

We’re still working on a way to display a notification for just the affected accounts.

What are the symptoms?

The IP address is regularly going online and offline. Around 90% of tests show successful results, but websites are repeatedly coming online and offline.

  • Websites show error: Connection Refused
  • Cloudflare error: 520 Web server is returning an unknown error

What caused this issue?

The issue is caused by a persistent DDoS attack on the website IP address. This might be an attack on a particular website or an attack targeted at the full hosting cluster. We don’t have additional details to share about it.

When will this issue be resolved?

The issue will be resolved when the attack is over. When exactly that happens, we don’t know.


8 Feb: Regular status checks on the IP address showed resolved failures.
12 Feb 14:00: The status checks have stopped recording regular outages. This should mean most websites are largely available again.

Good to know I can just DDOS attack you forever and you’ll do nothing about it.

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what do we do about it as i think m website is currently affected

You did it because I have an orange box with text saying:

The IP address of your hosting account is unreliable

The IP address your website is on is currently experiencing regular service interruptions due to an attack. Learn More

You can’t change IPs to resolve this?

Can we just backup our websites and then create a new account, upload to a new server?

It’s also good to know that due to the nature of a DDoS attack, there is very little anyone can do about it. Due to the Distributed nature of a DDoS attack, it’s impossible to block or stop such an attack. And while it’s possible to mitigate DDoS, doing so is complicated, expensive and error prone.

DDoS attacks are a fundamental design flaw in how the internet works. You can’t flip a switch and make it work.

Not really. If we moved all websites to a different IP address, then the attacker would likely just start attacking the new IP address. And due to the nature of (most) DDoS attacks, it’s impossible to tell which specific website, if any, is the target.

Absolutely! If you create a new hosting account now, it should end up on a different IP address, so you can move your website to it. While your website is unreachable, you can still access FTP and phpMyAdmin, so you should be able to migrate your website even when it’s unreachable.


That’s awesome! Thanks for your time on this. Also I been clicking the Adsense ad’s when I see them! LoL Thank you for your services. :wink:

Are you kidding me? The ddos is still going on? … What a bunch of useless trolls.

I would not recommend clicking on the advertisements placed on InfinityFree, since Google will notice it as an attempted, forced way to generate revenue/good for the said website/AdSense account.

Click advertisements if they catch your interest and offer a service/website that you genuinely want to read about.

Do not click on advertisements whenever you see them.

Fortunately, the attack has been over for a few days now. Ever since the 12th, everything looks OK again.

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LOL Yeah, I’m not an idiot.

Hey can someone tell me if their Site is able to function if you’re on this IP, my Site seems to be down after someone posting Javascript which took mine down, I’m getting 522 with CloudFlare, I deleted the post from MySQL however it’s still going on… Any fix?

I can assure you that someone posting Javascript on a single page will not bring down all websites on an IP address. I don’t know what is going on with your website, but if you can please submit a new topic in the Support Forums category and fill in the topic template, then I can try to help you.


It’s fixed, only lasted like 3 hours :sweat_smile: