(Unofficial Announcement) Unable to access Website/FTP

Hello everyone,

InfinityFree have been informed about the issue where some people cannot access their website or FTP server. Multiple times, has @Admin and the moderators of the forums, posted the same thing over and over again. Please make sure you read the following topics before you continue with your post.


I am very sure that the InfinityFree team are attempting to fix this as soon as possible, it isn’t their fault that after COVID-19 started everyone went to edit their website. They may not also be able to fix it during the pandemic.

Thank you for reading

Any questions? Reply to this topic and I will attempt to reply to as many as I can. Please note this is not a official announcement, I am just clearly trying to save many people’s time at the moment, as I am also having the same issue.

self-promotion is not allowed
as well as signing the posts


you people are dumb
you already deleted the text in it so whats the point

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Yes we are so dumb that we don’t immediately flags your post as spam and deleted.

You took advantage of the moment of crisis to present yourself as a good Samaritan,

but you also took the opportunity to post 4 links for your websites/social networks and a link to donate money.

Don’t be angry but your words are not fair


That’s what I thought actually, I just didn’t bother to flag it lol :sweat_smile:


Yep, I’m dumb and posted :eyes: because I had no Idea how to treat with you other than taking action


I was so dumb I didn’t even bother to flag it even tho I knew it was self-promotion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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