Unlist these posts

Hi ,

Can you Please Unlist these posts as these appear in the Search Result , the users who search my site will be available to see this first than my website , So Please Unlist that an humble request , Please

Link -Ssl remove

Please note that unlisting posts will not remove them from Google. Once they are on Google, there is no way for us to remove them.


I’m sorry, but this is a public forum. This means that all messages here are public, and can be seen by anyone and anything, including search engines.

The purpose of this is to create a public record of all known issues, and provide a starting point for people with similar issues to find solutions without having to ask for them.

Because of this, we only hide, censor or remove topics in special circumstances when there is very clear damage, such as when spam, harmful content, or private data is being shared.

A website URL being visible in search results is not such a circumstance.

If you post a link to your website on a public forum, there is a chance that search engines will index that post and will show it when searching for your website.

Also, there are indications that Freenom domains are heavily penalized in Google search results anyways.


Is it I use a freenom domain only but it appears in Search Results but I get InfintyFree ranking second after my website because i posted my website link here .

Get a .com domain, if your ranking goes down with a freenom domain.


Don’t make jokes of this poor boy ! :face_exhaling:

@Neeraj0001 How is jaikrishna making a joke of you? He is simply suggesting that you buy a .com domain if you want better appearance on Google. If you cannot afford one, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to live with the domain you do have.


@Neeraj0001 Unlisting the post makes it to where it is invisible in search results, and can only be accessed via a direct link! The only way to make the post invisible to EVERYONE on the site is to delete it! Note that given your current trust level: You can NOT delete the post directly and MUST flag it (since it’s been more than 30 days, and users at TL2 can edit posts up to 30 days after posting, according to DEFAULT discourse requirements!) So, if you want to post to truly be invisible, flag it for “something else” then type “I would like the post deleted” or smth like that!) Note that even then, THERE ARE NO GARUTES THE POST WILL BE REMOVED, as it is up to the moderator’s discretion!

Actually, the user has already flagged it. And Admin’s responce will still apply. We will not delete, hide, etc topics unless spam, harmful content, or private data is being shared.