Unlink() deleting a physical file in php

i am trying to delete a physical file (image) from with a folder on the site i used the unlink() function but it does not work can any one help me


Where are you trying to delete the file from? Eg: the file is in example.com/images/ and you are trying to delete it from example.com/manager/. PHP is very fussy about file paths, meaning you have to have the exact path to the file. This is an example of unlinking:

/* Image is in example.com/images/ and file is being deleted from example.com */
$dir = __DIR__; // Current Directory
$path = '/images/'; // Path from  current directory
$file = 'myimage.png'; // File to be deleted in the /images/ folder

unlink($dir . $path . $file); // Join the current directory, path and file together to make an exact path

This might seem confusing but once you understand it, its quite simple.


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