Unlimited Disk? Then what is Inodes Limit?

Hi, this topic came to my mind a few days back. However, I didn’t make any allegations on this. But today, I want to know what “Unlimited Disk” really means if we have “Inodes Limit.” Please explain to me in brief.

Hello there,

Inodes and Disk Space are somewhat the same but still the two are different.

Inode is based on how many files you have, the more files and folders you have in your hosting account, the more inodes you use while disk space is based on how much data capacity a server can store.

You have 3 files around 10GB in total but you’re still only using a small amount of inodes because you don’t have that much files/folder but if you have 2,923 files and 28 folders only around 196MB, then you’re using a lesser proportion of your disk space but you’re already using a high amount of inodes and in InfinityFree this many of files will surely hit the inodes limit.

So to summarize:
Inodes = the number of files/folders
Disk Space = the storage capacity


This answer is what I was looking for. Thank you.


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