Uniquely Strange Suspension Redirect (Only Happens for Me)

I started creating my website with this web host using a custom domain, but once I finished, I moved the site to GitHub, also using the custom domain. After two days of messing with every possible thing I could to get the site to actually work, I have finally gotten it to do what I want. The problem, however, is that the site works for everyone EXCEPT me, and it redirects me to the suspended domain page. Other than that, the site works perfectly fine, displaying exactly what I want it to display from the domain I want to display it from. I have asked people who know more than me, I have deleted all of my saved browser info, I have restarted my computer, I have looked at the most relevant posts on the forum, but nothing seems to work.

The site also sometimes gives an error saying it redirected the user too many times, though I have no clue if that is even related. The GitHub custom domain DNS check says “Domain’s DNS record could not be retrieved. For more information, see Learn more (InvalidDNSError). We recommend you change this to a CNAME record pointing to example.github.io.” I have checked, and I am absolutely certain that the CNAME record is correct, everything from where I got the domain name is correct, and I have checked every possibly relevant GitHub article too, as well as just waiting for about 6-7 hours to see if it would just start to work on its own (which it kinda did for everyone but me).

I technically could keep the site like this, since it’s most important that others get to play it, but it still leaves it impossible for me to actually test out, which is kinda important when making a website. Any suggestions on what I could do would be appreciated.

no website url given, makes it difficult for anybody to see whats going on


It’s just http://jabiveir.com

Since you are no longer using epizy name-servers, there is only one thing that could be causing it.



If that is the case, why would the site work for other people, but not work for me? It doesn’t make sense.

Because their dns servers are using outdated or ultra-new records, and you’re not (or vice versa).


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