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Can I uninstall WP multisite plugin (WPCentral) without reinstalling everything?

WP Central, isn’t a multisite plugin. It gives you one dashboard to manage multiple sites. You can remove it from the plugins section of the dashboard. Though I strongly recommend to take a backup first.

thank you for your quick reply. I am actually trying to switch from the multisite installation to a standard single one due to incompatibility issues. What’s the best way to go about that?

I cannot find the wp central plugin in the dashboard btw…

You said you are using WPCentral as your multisite plugin:

So this wasn’t actually the official way to do it. To uninstall it, you should go to the plugins section of your dashboard:
and then click "deactivate"and after that “delete”.

I mentioned WPCentral because within the infinity WP installation process we have the possibility to enable multisite and next to this option there is a ? indicating that this addon is basically installing the WPCentral plugin (when you go to details)…
This plugin is NOT available in my plugin area, hence my request…

Do you have any multisites apart from mainsite.com?
Like sub.mainsite.com.

no I don’t. just the main site

Follow this guide:


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