Unfairly suspended

I am being suspended on an off without doing anything . It says that i git my cpu ussage limit but I don´t think so.

I´m not uploading or modifying my webpage at all, not even a tiny bit. I don´t get a lot of traffic neither, maybe 200 visits a day on a very very good day

I´m really sure there is some sort of problem.
Can somebody help me?

Hi and welcome to the forum

I think that there is nothing new to say in relation to this KB article


I read that article a 1000 times.
the problem with that article is that it says “The exact amount of CPU power an account can use is secret.”
"It’s impossible to distill a number of visitors from a CPU limit. The CPU limit can limit the number of visitors your website can receive. " " How can I see which software is generating the CPU usage

The short answer is: you probably can’t."

an so it goes. The article says little and i think is not helpful at all.
The only thing I know is that I have a pretty plain WP website, with little functions, not even forms. I have a few visitors per day. It works for months without any problem. One day out of the blue it doesnt, and the next day it goes off again, and the next day off again. On my side nothing has changed. I haven´t been updating anything, i have only one domain hosted on the account, I didn´t have tons of visitis. So I go to this article, it simply says “you will never know how or why you hitted the cpu user´s limited, you won´t even know how many usage allow you have”

I don´t know why you would suggest someone to read that article or why you think it might be helpful in any way.

I don´t know what is using the cpu limit, I don´t know when it happend, I don´t know how many cpu i can use, i don´t know if it will happen again.

I just know that my website couldn´t be plainer and it seems a little bit odd that it hits cpu limits without doing nothing. Maybe something is wrong on the servers side. maybe they does do this randomly in order to get new paid suscribers.

I think it’s relative to other website’s CPU usage hosted on this service, like MySQL is (if it isn’t then just ignore this).

I know it seems stupid (it probably is), but that’s just how they measure it.

I bet the other websites have so very little traffic that you spiking somewhat above (even if it’s low usage) them will trigger the suspension.

If it’s not, well then I don’t know why. Like you said, it’s probably a problem on your server.

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Welcome to the club. Nobody knows that, including us.

It’s frustrating, I know. It’s frustrating for all of us. I really wish I could give you practical, personal tips on how to reduce your CPU usage. But like the article says: it only records total CPU usage for the entire account for the entire day. So even if could provide the actual numbers, they wouldn’t give you a clear way to reduce your usage.

I completely understand that this is not what you want to hear. But the thing you want to hear just doesn’t exist in the universe.


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