I find it very unfair that I have to wait an entire day just to edit my website because I reached a limit. You could’ve made it shorter. How are you gonna make this free hosting when almost everything you need to pay for.

This is so you know not to do it again. It’s kind of like parenting (In a way). If the child does something bad and you tell them “no”, it doesn’t exactly teach them not to do it (They will learn there is not punishment, besides “no”). However, if you put the child in time-out, they are less likely to do it again, because they know they will get in trouble (And they consequently have to stop whatever they are doing).

How does this pertain to hosting?
If we just tell you to “not do that”, it is less likely you will stop doing it (As there is not a punishment) (Than again, some people will stop and respect us). however, if we suspend your site for a day, you are less likely to do it again because you don’t want your site offline at all. The limits are fair for the kind of sites that are supposed to be hosted here, and you can host a good site here for free. If you want fewer limits, just upgrade to premium (and $4 a month is not bad at all).

Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

Note: I am not a parent, adult, nor have kids. This is just what I had read about, and my knowledge of how the human brain works when punished or reprimanded.


I uh, think I understanad. Thanks.


I think it’s less of a “punishment” and more of a way to make sure that people don’t abuse their [Infinityfree’s] servers But yes, it does kind of act like a warning.


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