Unexpectedly turned into 'Monsta'

I use Filezilla to Upload my files, and my old domain was suddenly removed and I was switched to the ‘Monsta’ interface. It’s confusing to use. And I used to be able to execute my files and view my site in live action. Any help? My professor has never seen this interface and is no help honestly. Please respond promptly for help!

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What do you mean by “switched” to the Monsta Interface? The default Filemanager that InfinityFree is called MonstaFTP. I don’t really get how you can be “switched” to another interface.


I’ve been using Filezilla with Infinityfree for about 7 weeks now and I’ve usually had a simple experience with a blue interface. I don’t have any screenshots, but ever since my previous domain was unexpectedly removed, then that’s when Infinityfree switched to this 'Monsta" for me. I just need to know how to execute my files?

I’ve realized that Infintyfree has gone through a few updates since

I’m sorry, but I don’t know which blue interface you mean. We did run net2ftp for a long time, which also has blue skin, but we’ve switched to MonstaFTP over a year ago. In our experience, it’s a far superior file manager. But feel free to run net2ftp on your own account if you want to use it

Don’t worry about FileZilla though, direct FTP access with your own software is still possible and that’s probably going to stay for a very long time.

Also, you say that your domain was removed? Can you please say which domain name that is so I can check if I can find it?


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