Unexpected token <

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I have just managed to get my first test webapp working, however I am getting an unexpected token “<” error on the web console.

I have been developing with Laragon on my side without any errors and in other web servers there is nothing out of the extra-ordinary.

Can you please advise as to what I could be missing.

Thank you so much

PS: The webapp is developed using Vuetify & VueJS2. Its using php for MySQL db connectivity & CRUD. I have not tested yet using your provided MySQL as yet.

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This is perfect, however the console log reports.

I am getting only 2 errors.

A 404 error for the favicon file (Not important)

A 403 error for this file (http://bvad3.infinityfreeapp.com/wardlog/scripts/vue-beautiful-chat.umd.min.js). It is probably being blocked as it contains the word “chat” in the file name

Otherwise, it seems to be working


Yea mine also same. Suddenly my site not working properly as before and lots of error of unexpected token < show up. What happen? Please advise us accordingly.

Hi, which browser are you using if you dont mind me asking. Perhaps this could be a browser issue, I am using brave and my experience has not been very rosy here,

Try using google chrome.
I am also seeing the same thing as Greenreader9



I’ve tried using Chrome (desktop and mobile), Opera, that errors still there. All my script doesnt work at all.

Clear browser cache?


Still same, only when I clear cache I know the errors occurred. I thought my site just fine until I clear the browser cache.

This is what I see now


Make sure file is present

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Even I delete my JS files and upload them again, the errors still same :sweat_smile:

This file,


is not present


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I dont have that file. As for now, I see all my js file has become html file.

I think maybe the new version of “aes.js” is to blame
which may be active on new accounts

I don’t know for sure, but that trend is visible on the forum because I had another such case


what is it actually? do you have any workaround to share?

I put it in quotes and used “aes.js” as the term so that other users know that I actually mean the protection system

ifastnet should investigate that because it seems to me that they are injecting that code

The next thing that comes to my mind is that maybe the problem is in a certain PHP code (old version 5)
which then creates these strange problems on version 7.


What’s strange is that I’m unable to confirm this issue myself. The sites I’ve seen where people report this issue all work perfectly for me.

But it’s possible the issue may have been fixed already.


Yes - now the MIME types are fine (at least in the two cases I checked).

On all the sites I checked, I was never able to reproduce this issue. Just like @AneleMbanga, I am testing on Brave.

My guess is that aes.js is to blame, and I just had an older, working, cached version of it.