Undo delete email account

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

No error, but couldnt login to de [email protected]

Other Information

So tryed changing the password and didnt work.
So tough i could delete the email account and make it again.
But there is no option to do that…

Are you using Webmail?

yes it was by web mail. I need de admin account to receibe de ssl certificate…
I have an other account [email protected] that works… but the other one was the poroblem…

found an other way to enable an SSL Certify …through the control panel.
But i still want the admin mail to work again…

I’m sorry, but email account creation is disabled because we don’t want people to use it anymore. That includes accounts which already have email accounts. So I’m sorry to say you cannot recreate that account.

If you want to receive email on that address again, you may want to do what all newer users have to do as well: find a different email provider to handle email for your domain.

And if you just want an SSL certificate, you can use our Free SSL Certificates tool, which lets you create certificates for free subdomains now without any email validation.


Just use a free mail services.Also note mx records takes awhile to update.

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