Understanding I/O limits

I don’t understand. Tell me on exactly what it is. And on a non premium hosting web, you have to limit your uploads if the web keeps popping up with suspensions of I/o limits?

In other words, delete some uploads right?

Another quest, if you adandon your website, how do i prevent from webpage automatically closes? Website uploads can be very precious and valuble to me. It’s aggravating when 30 days, website’s gone and unrecoverable

You get 30,000 inodes and 5gb of disk space.

If they are over 10mb or if you have no remaining inodes.

Visit it 5 times per month

This should teach you to keep a backup.


No, it means something is causing unusual excess disk access. Backup plugins, web caching etc are possible causes


Is there’s any way to fix those issues?

Also deleting some files would fix the issue?

IO usage is not really related to how much data you have stored, it’s all about how the data is being used (read and write).

Backup plugins tend to be common causes of this, because they work by reading all the files from the website and writing them to an archive. Which involves a lot of data read and writing at once.

Deleting files by itself won’t do much. You need to disable or remove whatever is generating the high IO usage.


tell me, what generating usage besides uploads? heh, i may be a little smart on cpus. not that saavy though

you said web caching right? and how do i delete web caching on wp? is it anything special?

Uninstall the plugin??


Uploads don’t generate that much IO usage. Backup plugins are often the reason. I don’t know of any other common reasons why accounts may hit this limit.


Useless uploading too many pictures? i deleted the plugins and it still happened. maybe the uploads gotten overcrowded and some of the files should be removed. then it should work?

also what else generating io limits besides the plugins?


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