Unable to view files in my htdocs (need owner permissions fixed)

From: Travis Saron [email protected]
To: hello [email protected]
Sent: Wed, Sep 26, 2018 08:57 AM
Subject: Fwd: Account: epiz_22601865 - htdocs permissions


I realise that you do not provide support for free accounts, but there is absolutely nothing I can do from my end. I cannot access any of my webserver files from the provided filemanagers. If I am unable resolve this my only option is to cancel my account, with no likelihood of upgrading to a paid service.

Since yesterday someone has completed part of what is required as the permissions have been changed from

  • w x r w - - w t
    d - w x r w - - w x

for the htdocs folder of the subdomain airpro.rf.gd, which is better but I still cannot access any files on the webserver as there are no owner read permissions (0755 or 755), the filemanager should show -

d r w x r - x r - x for /airpro.rf.dg/htdocs

As already stated there is nothing I could do to fix this except cancel my account. I humbly request your most gracious assistance on this matter.

Travis Saron

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From: Travis Saron [email protected]
To: hello [email protected]
Sent: Tue, Sep 25, 2018 04:04 PM
Subject: Account: epiz_22601865 - htdocs permissions


I’m not 100% sure, but I think I executed a php script and it has changed my htdocs permissions to:

For subdomain airpro.rf.dg

I believe it should be

The file managers provided and an ftp connection will not allow me to do this, with Permission Denied errors.

If I’m right, I can avoid this by not executing the script as it is again. It has a call to the php chmod() function with two issues, one the permissions are specified as 755 where they should have been specified as 0755 and the directory is specified as “./“ rather than the specific directory “xataface-2.0.3/“.

What I need done (I cannot from my end) is the directory “airpro.rf.gd/htdocs/“ to have permissions 0755 or rwxr-xr-x, that is owner rwx, group r-x and public r-x. Do not include subdirectories as I will go through each and check all of the permissions. I have tested most of the apps (e.g. Front Accounting) and it still seems to be working (via http), so it seems only to have affected the web root for the subdomain.

Thanking you in advance.

Travis Saron

Please note the forum editor automatically converted a dash to a dot point it should read -wxrw–wt

you can recreate your website on a different account

But I have a lot of work that I cannot copy or access.

I have a paid service with another provider, I was evaluating this service before upgrading this account, and swapping my live websites across. I think it is best I just try to get these files (there are not that many) for analysis, while I consider my options. The solution you suggest would be unacceptable.

and the subdomain?