Unable to verify domain with Mailchimp

Hello everybody,

Just signed for an Infinityfree account, then registered a .cf domain name and added Clouflare (not from cPanl but directly from Cloudflare to be able to use the Infinity mailserver too).

Well, all sounds good, the website is well working and the email too (I can send and receive), but Mailchimp fails to send me an email for verification (I mean from ttheir page where they say “Verify a domain to use as a ‘from’ address when you send emails.”).

They just display an error message saying the email bounced :frowning:

So, I wrote an email to their support (free accounts have 30-day support by mail), but in the meatime, I’m trying to find the reason why…

Also, notice, I already succeeded to verify the subdomain on “.rf.gd” before this (before I register a domain name and before I add Cloudflare). Thus, if I don’t find a way, I’ll always be able to send my Mailchimp email with a ‘from’ field appearing from this subdomain; but it would be nicer to be able to do it with the domain name itself.

Is it an issue on Infinityfree, Cloudflare or Mailchimp part?
I don’t see any log about email anywhere which could give some more clue…

What do you think? Did you encountered this kind of blocking point?



works for me

Thanks, Xerxes, but broken link (’ Sorry, this page is no longer available.').

Indeed, they ought to feel sorry for that!

The trick is to always expect everything web-tech broken. Then you’ll be never disappointed. Breakage occurs almost always in my experience. rarely ever does stuff work. :sob:

So, in our current case, what worked for you?

New info: I have this answer from Mailchimp:

"I ran a delivery search on my end for that domain and I’m seeing that when we try to reach the domain, we are getting the following SMTP response:

smtp;421 Too many concurrent SMTP connections; please try again later.

This means that we are unable to connect to your host in order to try and get that verification email sent to you. In this case, since we aren’t able to reach the server, this is something that you will need to work out with your domain host to find out why they aren’t letting the emails through or why there are too many connections since this is something that we don’t have access to."

Well, what does it mean? Unless mistake (not my skill), the SMTP server is the one for sending email, not responding… Then, it’s their own, no?

What can I do from this point? Me, whenh I send an email to this same box, it’s received…

  1. Additional info: Mailchimp asks me if Infinbityfree is blocking some IP and, if yes, if their own are whitelisted.

Their IP being:

How can I see this? Could you tell me please?

  1. Also, second possible reason according to them, I quote: “it’s possible the email bounced because the domain hasn’t fully propagated on the internet. We recommend creating the domain at least a week before it’s used for any Mailchimp activity. Email addresses can also take up to a few days to fully propagate, which can explain why some emails arrive while others do not.”

What do you think about this second answser? Is it relevant? The website and mailboxes are fully operational from my point of view and location (I’m in France)… Is it possible it’s not ready from the point of view of Mailchimp location?

SMTP is the protocol which is used to send email. So an “SMTP server” is simply a system which receives email from somewhere else. This can be a server where other email providers can send their email to, or a server where customers can authenticate and send email to other providers.

When we talk about “SMTP server”, we typically mean the component which allows client devices to login to a mailbox to send email. But the component which receives email from elsewhere is also - technically - an SMTP server.

Interesting, it looks like our mail server is blocking connections from Mailchimp. The question is why: is the mailserver itself overwhelmed or is Mailchimp just creating too many connections to our mail server?

I’m going to discuss this with a server admin and see if we can figure out what’s going on here.

Oh! nice to read you: first time in my “daily journey” reading about Infinityfree, Cloudflare and Mailchimp everywhere (sure my email knowledge will be better than yesterday:), I read a possible true reason! Hoping it’s effectivelly a blocking on your part and you’ll be able to release it if there’s no “attack” (or kind of like an abusive number of connections from Mailchimp).

Well, I am supended to your next post :face_with_monocle:

for a few minutes only. LAWL :crazy_face:

then all of a sudden they deplatformed me like say Julian Assange or somebody.

so that mailchimp thing is pretty egregious and no one should waste his time with that, in my humble opinion (IMHO).

I’d rather call it a broken service with an utterly disgraceful policy against new users. such a shame. :scream:

What free autoresponder do you use?

frankly, I do not like to bother people with that but I guess I have several options at my disposal but never felt a need to use that stuff.

Thus, you have no experience with autoresponders?

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I checked that they work on my main address and never bothered again to think about those. nice to have but I have no need for it and no one ever complained LAWL

especially I can do without providers who deplatfom people at random such as mailchimp appearently. :deer:

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