Unable to use removed subdomain for new account

The selected domain is already in use on InfinityFree. If this is your domain, please remove it from any other accounts first.

i added a subdomain to one of my free account domain, but later removed it from there, also deletes the folder created in htdocs through ftp and also from subdomain/addons from control panel. but still cannot use that domain in any new account or in any accounts subdomain.
Any help would be great.

If subdomain is in use by other users, just choose another subdomain


that subdomain is not use by any other user, it is used by me. I had a website on infinityfree and I added a second subdomain to that website(Like for example if my website is grocerify.great-site.net so under that website i added a second subdomain named paperx.great-site.net. But later i removed this paperx domain from all over the place. but still somehow it is not removed/deleted completely. You can click on http://paperx.great-site.net to see that is shows the starting “Let’s Make Something Awesome” page). I am asking how to use paperx.great-site.net domain in a new account because it is not letting me to use it. I need to use paperx.great-site.net to deploy my website on this domain. Note I have to use paperx.great-site.net and not any other name.

Is the domain paperx.great-site.net the actual domain name you are talking about? Because as far as I can tell, the domain name is assigned to an active account that’s still active now, and has never been assigned elsewhere, and has not been deleted from any account every in any way.

And if what I see is correct, then the domain is just being used by someone else. And if so, it’s taken, which means you cannot take it too.

If that’s a dummy value and not your real domain, can you please share the actual domain so I can check what’s going on with it?


Hi admin,

It’s seems like i have used wrong vocabularies in my post. Here i will try to use correct words.

I have an account of infinityfree website, and with free version i can create 3 accounts.

Each account can hold a domain name, then i can go to Softaculous page, use a CMS like wordpress to start creating my website on that domain.

Now i have an account (one of three accounts that i can use on free version), inside that account i register a new domain name. Let’s called it eclecta.

Eclecta is working fine

Inside the eclecta i added another domain named paperx.great-site.net.

But after reading some posts people say that it is better not to use subdomains. (more than 2 domains on single accounts makes it slow). So i thought i should remove it from here and add this domain in my new account. So i went to wordpress, i removed it from there.

Removed it from the “add domain” section inside my account under “domains”.

Then i went back to my main account page and click create account and as soon as i wrote paperx, choose great-site.net and hit “check availability” it gives the error “The selected subdomain is already in use. If this is your subdomain, please remove it from any other accounts first.”
and yes paperx.great-site.net is the actual domain and not a dummy value.
I hope this now clarifies my question.


This doesn’t really make sense to me.

To be clear, the terminology we use is:

  • Client Area Profile: The thing you use to login to dash.infinityfree.com, and holds all your hosting accounts, SSL certificates, etc. It’s identified by an email address.
  • Hosting Account: A container for websites, files and databases. It’s identified by a username (e.g. if0_12345678).
  • Domain Name: A specific domain, subdomain or hostname that you can host a website on. It’s identified by the domain, e.g. example.com or example.great-site.net.

A single client area profile can have up to three hosting accounts, and a single hosting account can have basically any number of domain names.

So when you say “I register a domain called eclecta, and inside it I added another domain”, it doesn’t make sense to me. There is no such thing as adding domains within domains, unless what you mean by “domain” is something else than what I mean.

And just to be clear: adding a directory called paperx.great-site.net to your account does NOT assign the domain name to your account. Adding domains must be done through the client area or control panel. Adding a new domain also creates a new directory, but it does a lot more than that.


I am sorry, I was referring to wrong terminologies.
I had 2 hosting accounts, and one of them holds my “eclecta” domain. adding domains within domains means i added another(1 more domain named ‘paperx.great-site.net’ ) domain inside my same hosting account which also holds my eclecta domain.

And since people says it is better to use one domain name per hosting account. I later removed this domain by clicking on hosting account, then clicking on ‘Domains’ and clicking on Delete button, From my ‘Client-area’ and also made sure to remove it from ‘cpanel’ by going into ‘Addon domains’ & ‘Subdomains’.

But the domain name is still in use. although I have removed it from my accounts.

what happens after you go to CA → domains → and you click this button

come to the hosting acc where you deleted the domain

Are they still listed in the old hosting account after that?

And if it didn’t, after that synchronization it still tells you that the domain is already on another account?


It shows me

The list of domains has been synchronized with the hosting platform!

just one domain which is eclecta and not paperx domain (which i have deleted).
And yes even after the sync, it gives the same error Please remove it form any other accounts first.

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I checked this “eclecta” account, and I see the issue.

You were not hosting the domain paperx.great-site.net on it, but the domain paperx.is-great.net. The domains look similar, so I understand the confusion, but they are different.

paperx.great-site.net is currently in use and has been for a while. paperx.is-great.net is free to use though.


Thank you for looking into the matter.
As far as i can remember i hosted the paperx.great-site.net domain into my hosting account and not the paperx.is-great.net domain
And I wanted to use


. i know it is currently in use and that is exactly what i don’t understand. Because i had removed it, so how is it still in use?

The client area keeps records of which domains have existed on your account. I checked these records, and I can see the domain paperx.is-great.net was hosted on your account. The domain paperx.great-site.net never was.

If you remember it differently, then you must be misremembering. I’m not judging, my memory gets fuzzy too, and the domains are very similar. But I have proof that what I’m saying is right. No memory or guesswork involved.

Because the domain you think you had is not the domain you actually had. See point above.

The domain is in use by someone else. And has been for a long line. You never had the domain, this other person always has.


If that is the case, Then I really appreciate your effort for answering my questions. Thank You✨

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