Unable to upload anything to my website

Just linked my google domain to infinity free so i can host my website from this beautiful hosting service after i did all the steps and even linked my account with a valid ssl certificate i was going to import my files (backup) to the wordpress i just get the 502 Bad Gateway
nginx everytime i try to do it ive read many topics here about it and it says u should just wait approximately between 4 to 6 hours so i did that and problem still occurs. is there anyway to fix this ? i do have another subdomain linked to infinity free months ago and its seems to work fine except this i made recently. im i supposed to open a ticket ? or i just wait until it work another few hours because i just wanna start working in the website. Thanks Infinity free.

You must import your WordPress site to InfinityFree manually (uploading in small chunks in Filemanager) WordPress backup plugins are pretty useless and causing lots of errors.

i only got a Xml file that have my 1.111 article on it.
is it possible manually ?

You can try but there is high possibility it may fail.

SQL database and contents from “wp-content/uploads” are the most impt things to import to infinityfree…

Edit: i solved my issue by splitting the XML file into 5 parts using wxrsplitter i recommend everyone to use it aslong gonna split the file into 4 mb per xml file


I would have recommended to transplant the full WordPress installation instead of migrating the content from one installation to another. Copying the files and database of a full WordPress installation is less error prone than the XML import/export in my experience.

But if the XML import/export worked, that’s fine too.


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