Unable to update db details in Softaculous

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The MySQL Username or Password or Database host is wrong as a connection could not be established

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Hi, I wonder if someone could please advise me about some difficulties I am having with my new Wordpress site. I’ve been searching for a few days, apologies if I have missed something obvious.
My site was all up and running until the weekend when it threw a critical error. I tried to remove and reinstall my Softaculous instance of Wordpress in the hope this would help. However I am now unable to edit the database details when I go into the area to make the updates (“edit installation details”), I keep getting “The MySQL Username or Password or Database host is wrong as a connection could not be established.” I have checked all the details several times but am not sure where I am going wrong. The formats I am inputting are:
Database Name: epiz_33148532_nameofdb
Database password: matches what’s showing in “MySQL details”
Database user: 3148532
Database host: sql307.byetcluster.com

This also matches the wp-config file. I am at a loss as to what has gone wrong so grateful for any ideas, thanks!

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Should be the entire username, so epiz_33148532.

Let me know if that solves it!


Thank you so much, how obvious - can’t believe I did that! :sweat_smile:Unfortunately I still get an error message but it now says “The MySQL database name is incorrect as the database could not be selected.” So hopefully I am a step closer though I am still confused why it doesn’t like the database name.

Does the database name exactly match what is displayed in the control panel? Try copy-pasting it, and making sure that you don’t have an extra space before or after it.


Take note of these

Are you able to access PHPAdmin directly?


Thanks very much for getting back to me, yes I tried copy pasting but still the same I’m afraid.

Whoops sorry was trying to reply to your second reply, not sure what happened there sorry :sweat_smile:

Hi many thanks for this, I will take a look through all these. Yes I can access PHPAdmin with no issues. Thanks

Hello, just to give an update, I was unable to change the database details in the Softaculous “edit installation details” area so as a workaround I re-exported / imported the database I wanted and that seemed to work OK. I have now tried to take the steps suggested in How to fix a corrupted WordPress installation kindly provided by @kangjl but now when I navigate to my site I see “Directory Listing”.
Incidentally I am now unable to make any changes at all in the “edit installation details” area, even just deselecting automatic updates gives me that same error message “The MySQL database name is incorrect as the database could not be selected.”
Just in case anyone has encountered or encounters in the future, the same issue.

Please elaborate.

What is the url?

Screenshot what you are trying to do, followed by the error encountered.
You need to give as much details as possible.
Otherwise we are unable to help you

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I checked your site and I see that many WordPress core files are missing. To fix that while trying to minimize data loss, I strongly recommend to follow the How to fix a corrupted WordPress installation article.

Please make sure to upload the WordPress files to the folder of your website. That’s typically the htdocs folder, but you should check it in the client area in the Domains page of your account.


It was giving the same error as before: “The MySQL database name is incorrect as the database could not be selected.” But no worries as I found a workaround. Thank you.

This worked, thank you very much!

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