Unable to update/create/upload files


What I’m seeing is: FileZilla it says Response: 550 Could not change perms on htdocs: Read-only file system

I’m using this software: FileZilla and the online file transfer.

I can’t upload any file, modify any, or upload new ones, not with FileZilla nor to online transfer.

the domain is horosanu.com

So when do you think you will be able to solve this problem?

We don’t know when the problem will be solved, because our hosting servers are provided by iFastNet, and all the system issues should be reported to the iFastNet Support Team. But the only solution is to move the account to another one where the volume will be different (but not on a vol1_6 one).

So how can I move my account? I can’t see that option on cpanel

You need to delete the domain you’re using on the Control Panel in Addon Domains, then wait a bit and delete the account.
After that, you need to create a new hosting account by clicking on the Create Account button, and inputting the domain name you want to use.
Then wait some time, reload the page, go to your account, on Control Panel and click on “I Approve” to not see the important marketing emails message again. Install WordPress or whatever software you want to use, or upload your website files, and your site will be ready!

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Works like a charm.

Thanks mate!

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