Unable to unblock IP address

I am unable to unblock an IP address that I had blocked just to test. Whenever I go into blocked IP addresses it says none are blocked however the IP address is still indeed blocked. (I still get the 403 error) how can I unblock my IP address?

website URL ?


The account is named epiz_23666211

Please check with your domain provider (Freenom) whether the domain name is still active and is pointing to our nameservers
because as you can see its not pointing to our servers

ok, that part was done :slight_smile:
do you still have problems?

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Oh yes, I think I just fixed it! I could’ve sworn that I had set the nameservers correctly, and it was working before. No idea, probably was an issue on Freenom’s end. Thanks!

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I believe you - sometimes Freenom have problem pushing the NS settings !

Okay this is weird, the nameservers are now set and it seems you can access it however I am still getting the 403 message.

client area> pick your acc> file manager

go to htdocs and subdirs
find file .htaccess
and select Edit

see if it has this code


If is there - delete that code and save

I looked through all of my .htaccess files and it wasn’t there.

then try some other browser and clear the cache (CTRL + F5)

It is still not working.

I don’t see any 403 error anywhere, nor do I see any IP blocks. Do you see this URL when you visit http://sprinkle.ga/ directly, or only if you check specific pages? What is the full URL where you see that error?

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